Sunday, April 29, 2012

This is a Test

This is a test of the ENNS (Emergency Needlepoint Notification System).  Should you be reading this blog entry and see that I am beginning the camel from the Kelly Clark Nativity Series, please take a moment to call me and admonish me for my procrastination issues!  This means that I am NOT, I repeat NOT, facing up to the task of the stocking for Henry!  I love working on these nativity characters.  It is a challenge to my NP skills, but it is not a HUGE project.  Seems so much less daunting!

Gotta go ~ camel and handler awaits!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Good Kind of Procrastination!

I am happy to say that I am procrastinating on the stocking by stitching on small projects.  This is not to say that I am happy about my procrastination, just that it is in the form of stitching!

I have finished three of the From Russia with Love Eggs from Needle House.  ( ).  They are so pretty!  I love the feeling for actually starting a finishing a project!  What a rush! (sad that this is how I obtain a rush, but a rush non-the-less).

I also picked up one of my Raymond Crawford Owls and finished him this week!  Will post photos below!

Happy with my progress....this weekend it is back to the grindstone and work on the stocking for Henry!  October is looming!

This is my 2nd completed of the From Russia with Love Series

This Egg is my third completed of the From Russia with Love series.....I love the little antennae on the butterfly crystals!

Say "Hello" to Hagrid.  He was so much fun to stitch and so QUICK!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Rainy Monday...Stitching Day!

Back home in Houston, I am on a mission to complete the first "From Russia" egg from Nancy Laux at Needle House.  I need to do one more couched line of gold and then add the beads.  I can certainly finish tomorrow!  This is a good way for me to keep stitching while I am waiting for my System 4 to arrive from Memphis via the post office!

Back in the "Zone"

Enjoying a quick breakfast and then we are off early to Amy's to get going on our last day in Memphis. I think that I am back in the swing of things now as I stayed up until 2 working on my From Russia with Love egg and only quit out of fear that I couldn't make it today if I did not rack up some REM sleep hours!!!
Our final day in Memphis was once again filled with side-splitting laughter and Gus's Fried Chicken!  Oh, right, and also some stitching.
We had such a great time and are already thinking about our next opportunity to get together and do this again!  What a great way to get me back in the NP Zone!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Back in Business!

After my brief, yet torturous respite, I find myself rejuvenated with my stocking project during a trip to Memphis and class with Amy Bunger. Laurie, Pam ,Mary, and I made a fast break from H-town to Home of Elvis. After a quick visit to Graceland, punctuated by a navigational driving nightmare (due to my poor MapQuest skills), we settled in at the Westin. After making a big first impression with Amanda at the front desk (Her Passion is Fashion.....clearly NOT customer service), we settled in to our rooms. Laurie arrived on a later flight and we all indulged in Gus' World Famous Fried Chicken as a ode to previous trips! Thursday night, I forced Laurie to watch a couple of episodes of a weird cooking competition on Food Network and then we crashed ....... Please note, no stitching yet! Friday morning found us at Amy's shop with all our accoutrement ready to meet the task.....well sort of! While perfectly inspired, I just could not seem to get going! Last night we hit the town at a new Memphis spot called Flight. It was Pam's suggestion....and a great one!

Class (the reason that we came to Memphis, after all) has been great fun and inspiring as well!
Isn't Laurie dedicated?  WOW!

 And, Pam......she is a serious one as well! Who knew?
Mary is so happy with all of her new threads!

Thrown to the Lions!

Today I knew the heat was on to make a big move on the stocking. This is a special stocking for my Godson, Henry Bridgers.  Third child of my dearest friend (and Emma Grace's GodParents), Jeanne & James, Henry has waited way too long for his own stocking.  I made them for his siblings, Eloise and Teddy, when they were little and then as my children grew up, I did not tackle the project of one for sweet Henry!  I love the canvas that I chose for Henry : Liz with Santa, Lion, Lamb, and a globe.  The Bridgers family has had amazing travel adventures and I thought the globe would reflect that for Henry!

 So, today I worked on the lion's mane. I was resistant to try what Amy suggested as I am not a fan of reverse stitching! But, with Amy's encouragement I jumped right into the lion's den! She had me section off the mane and treat it three different ways to keep it from being TOO MUCH of anything. I have only work on step one and I can already see her vision coming to life.

 Meanwhile, Laury is "cooking with gas" ( new expression I have learned) on her owl. It looks great and she loves all the Bargello work. Mary has many sections started and I live all the different textures that are jumping off the canvas. Pam's pig is so great~ the pig itself is looking good, but the accoutrement are going to be outstanding! The ladies with is in class are working on two projects I love also. They are going at breakneck speed! Great dinner and 'tinis at Automatic Slims ( did I fail to mention the blue Cheese laden potato crisps and the amazing Mac n cheese? Shame on me!). Amy and Jill joined us for dinner and were a delightful addition to our group! Back in the room, I am about to work on one of my From Russia with Love is starting to get beautiful!! Whew, stitching drought is over ! Forward motion finally!