Friday, November 23, 2012

Will Stitch for Cash $?$

Is it true...have I turned my hobby into a job...NO...NEVER, but I did agree to stitch one of Nancy's Eggs from the From Russia with Love Series for a sample for Janet Burnet.  So, I finished it and I am delighted to have it out of the way.  Does it count toward the year end list?  I am just not sure.  I will not add it since it was not from my personal stash AND I was paid......but, not that I am counting or anything...that does make 19.....not really, but actually!  Here is a picture of the NON- numbered egg that I completed tonight!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Lucky Number 18!

In Hebrew, each letter has a numeric value. The numeric value of chet is 8, and the numeric value of yud is 10; thus the numeric value of the world chai is 18. Because of this association between chai ('life') and the number, 18 has come to be seen as something of a lucky number.

Who knew that my favorite number (73) would be so quickly eclipsed in my heart by the # 18?  Here I am in November and I have completed 18 canvasses this year!  And, as you can see above, that is a lucky number!  I feel lucky!

Only November 15th and it has been a grand month for needlepoint.  I traveled to Memphis to see Amy & Jill and to meet Kirsten!  Laurie, Mary, Pam, & Rosanne and I had a great trip to Memphis and we even got some stitching done!  Loved meeting Kirsten at Amy's shop.  What a darling baby girl she had and I made every attempt to take her home......I almost went Rogue with Baby Rogue!

I worked on the Three Witches and my Kelly Clark Drummer Boy.  In the evenings, I worked on the Bride's Book and enjoyed the Memphis night life!

Aside from a reunion with Amanda at the Westin and interesting conversation with Justin Beiber Fans, there was stitching, eating, drinking, and Laughing!  The Laughing was the best part!

I came home all full of excitement to stitch and as of yesterday, I have finished the Bride's Book and the KC Drummer Boy.

Here are a few in process photos of the book and then the completed product along with the completed Drummer Boy!

All in all, that makes my total for 2012 18 canvasses.  I would love to finish two more to round it out, but, I can tell you that it will not happen at this point.  I really want to get back to the stocking and see if I can complete it by is a goal anyway!