Monday, December 31, 2012

That is SOOOO 2012!

That is SOOOOO 2012!

Here is the 2012 completion list that I am removing today from the blog:

Kelly Clark Drummer Boy
Corwin & Abbey Bride's Book
Melissa Shirley Chick Egg
Melissa Shirley Lamb Egg
Princess & Me Bridal Car Ornament
Princess & Me Bridal Cake Topper Ornament
Kelly Clark Camel for Creche
Melissa Shirley Pig Egg
Hagrid Owl
From Russia with Love #1
From Russia with Love #2
From Russia with Love #3
From Russia with Love #4
From Russia with Love #5
From Russia with Love #6
Wise Old Owl
Melissa Shirley Lollypop
Asa Cummerbund
Laury Nativity Stocking by Tapestry Tent

So, a heartfelt goodbye to the 2012 stitching projects and on to 2013!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

T'was the Season!

The Grand Christmas Holiday 2012 has come and gone at our house.  As is our usual tradition, Richard opts to work on the 26th of December and when he gets home he drives up to the stripped tree in the front yard and the house totally de-Christmafied!  We do leave out the nativity sets so that we remember to celebrate the Epiphany in January.

While putting away the holiday decor for the year, I took a moment to look at the Christmas Stockings that my mother in law, Joan Butler, stitched for herself and for Richard many years ago.  She designed most of her canvasses and I especially love the one that she created for herself.  Richard's stocking has happy animals of all kinds and building blocks with his initials.  But, Joan's stocking is so great!  It has a Christmas Tree with a Fleur de lis and a Kappa Key.  Then there is the blue station wagon that she drove during the carpool years.  Below that is the needlepointed panels that she created for a screen in her home.  The were very oriental in style and lovely.  You see the needle and thread to the right of the panel depiction.  Then there is the backgammon board, the Dr. Pepper bottle and the playing cards on which she put the letters of her name.  I get these stockings out every year and I simply love them.  You can clearly see my Santa Pillow and the Edge of the Fa La La La La that Emma Grace stitched.

All this Needlepoint from days gone by has me thinking of all of the memories that are stitched into each piece.  Here we go, embarking on 2013 and another year of memories and stitching.  May the blessings of 2012 double for all of us in 2013!

Monday, December 3, 2012

'Tis the Season

'Tis the season for list making, right?  Well I am starting to consider my list of hopeful projects for 2013.  To premature to post it just yet, but I am contemplating the notion of not including the things that remain on my 2012 list.  Seems a tiny bit scandalous, but I just may scrap and come up with a new list....what is on the 2012 list anyway?  Without navigating back to the blog to see the list, I think I will start a preliminary list right now for 2013:

  • Henry's Stocking ( faithful readers: I have actually started working on it again!)
  • Brides book for Kathy's son and his bride
  • at least one of the new Thanksgiving Series from Sandra Gilmore
  • Ruth Chow Pumpkin
  • Creche
  • at least 2 of the 12 Day's of Christmas
  • Shaw's Belt (after Spring Break)
  • 4 Owls from the Raymond Crawford series
  • Keep up with the new Tudors Series
Now, that is a mere 13 projects and only 2 of them are what I would consider "big".  I feel a little jealous/competitive/inspired by a woman on the Needlepoint Facebook page (who knew there was such a thing) that completed 42 projects in 2012....that would make my stash a totally acceptable level....well not quite, but close....really, i would have to do that two years in a row to get to a number that does not horrify me.  I am at 135 and would feel good about anything under 50.....YIKES!

I am working on the last From Russia with Love Egg and I ran out of pearls.  I needed to have more because I added three initials instead of one!

UPDATE on December 8th:  Complete!  Love it!