Friday, February 8, 2013

Ode to St Valentine!


I love St Valentine's Day.  When I was little, my grandmother, affectionately known as Honey, would tell me the story of St Valentine and I would think about it all during February.  It does not hurt that it is  also the season of conversation hearts.  I love them, too!  Remember when they used to be easy to read?

I always keep an eye out for St Valentine's decorations that I might like, but seldom do I like the ones that I see.  When it comes to needlepoint, I have purchased and stitched a few things to celebrate the special day!

My favorites are the candy boxes with Needlepoint on top.  Finished by The Amazing Pam, I love these sweet boxes.  I bought the candy boxes at the drug store and let my children empty out the contents.  I sent them off to Pam and they came back like this!  I made two for Emma Grace and the big one for Shaw.  I love the canvas on his that says "Masking you to be mine" with the masked boy!  So Cute.  I stitched these when the children were about 3 and 5!  (Back in the day when they wanted me to be their Valentines!)

Then, a couple of years ago I saw a series in the Needlepoint Now Magazine.  It was a "bucket" full of needlepointed hearts that were finished on painted sticks.  I ordered them toot-sweet.  They took, literally, about 2  or 3 hours each  to stitch.  The series came with a hand painted bucket, but it was not really my style.  Some of the hearts are not as cute as others, but all together they are darling in a crystal vase like a dozen roses to celebrate the kind hearted St Valentine! Nancy helped me choose ribbons to adorn the sticks and added to the finishing, again from The Amazing Pam!

I have just received in the mail a new series of small round flower ornaments to be finished like this as well so that I will have several needlepoint bouquets around to remind me of Honey at St Valentines Day!

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Happy February & Happy St Valentine's Day!


 I still miss you, Honey!
xoxo, your Valentine!