Friday, April 5, 2013

April? What??

April?  How did that happen??  The year is slipping away and I am not getting any stitching completed!  Well, last Sunday, March 24th, I began the wedding book canvas for my friend and neighbor's son.  Nothing like a good old approaching deadline to get me back on track!  I finished it last night.  I think it is really beautiful.  The canvas is simple and classic, by Ann Wheat Pace.....she always gets it just right!
So, now that I am back on track, what will I work on and I both has to be Henry's stocking.  That poor child should have me excommunicated as God Mother!  I am a disgrace.

But, I will embark on it AGAIN and hope that I can fully commit!  Please send encouragement!


  1. Stunning. What a gift and one that will be treasured I'm sure. And yes, back to that stocking.

  2. C, this is absolutely gorgeous!!!! So understated and elegant. I love the monogram font and the shading of the leaves. I know your special recipients will love it.

  3. Thank you for the nice words! Stocking stitching has commenced!

  4. Courtenay, it looks so beautiful! And, once again, I am so envious of how fast you cranked it out!!! Laurie