Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's About Time!

Well, in fact, it IS about time that I made a post to the practically defunct Faith of a Spider Blog!  I have been busily stitching, however!
I finally completed Henry's Stocking and sent it Down Under to him in Sydney.  It enjoyed a happy greeting from Henry and Jeanne and hung next to Teddy and Eloise's Stockings for the 1st year!  Whew!  Here is a photo of the finished project.  Notice that I left the lion's mane long so that Jeanne could decide how wild she wanted it to be when the stocking got to her!

I have searched my photos and do not low why this is the only one that I can find, but here it is in all it's glory! I will look for the other photos to post.

Among other things, I was inspired by my stitching friend, Judy, to work on the Thanksgiving Trio from Sandra Gilmore.  I have completed Miles and Priscilla and love the way that they turned out.

(Turkey has background completed!)
They cannot wait for me to finish the turkey to go with them!  These are Nancy Laux's stitch guides and my favorite thing that she has done!  I love them and I anxiously await the "Brave One" and "little Feather" companions.
Another smaller finish was the green owl from Needleworks series by Raymond Crawford.  This is such a cute little fellow

I loved this last owl in the series for me!  He is so happy and fun!

Mary, Pam, Laurie, and I headed to Memphis for a stitching get away with Amy Bunger and Jill Wilensky!  Aside from being great fun, we actually got some stitching accomplished as well!  I started work on my Brooch for Amy's Tudors home study and created the "eye" for my Ouch! project using the same technique.  

The Holiday's took over and I had to put the stitching aside!  However, I started New Years Eve on a new project.....the Librarian Owl from Zecca.  He is very fun!  Photos to come!

Thank you for the "blog" encouragement......will try to blog more in 2014!


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