Friday, August 10, 2012

Blue @ Turquoise Place

We headed out for a trip to Orange Beach, Alabama (Gulf Shores) to stay in Turquoise Place.  We packed the Suburban with 5 children ( our + Morgan+ Finn + Normand) and loads of sunscreen!  And, a little bit of needlepoint!  I brought the memory belt that I bought for Shaw.  I finished the first block with his initials.  I can't wait to get this completed.  I plan to try to complete two squares per month so that Shaw will have it ready for high school!

Update (August 17th):  I can officially change my plan!  I have finished almost all of the belt now!  I love the basketweave of it all!  I will not do the square that I am saving for his high school until I know where he will attend.  I will leave the block next to that unstitched also so that the painter will not have to worry about getting paint on the stitched portion.

Here are some pictures of how it is going so far!

This is the first section.  Initials, Longhorn, LAX Stix (still need strings!)
Then, the Texas Flag (still needs the white stitched), the New Orleans Saints, and the image for the LSU Tigers

Orthodox Cross for AOS, our mother/son code!, State of Texas, and the only symbol for Houston that I could find...H-Town!

Hard to see the Boy Scout Shield, Tennis racket (needs strings), and Maltese Cross from Camp LaJunta

The next two blocks are a yellow lab (Gertie) and a blank section for his high school (T.B.D. in March 2013)

This project has been so much fun!  The other belt that I stitched was the same repeating image (Liz's Jumping Dolphins) and I got sick of it while stitching.  This one was so much fun because there was a new small space waiting for you after each completion!

I want to make one of these belts for Richard, but he is not sure that he is a NP Belt kind of guy.....oh well!

Great Project!

Update (August 18th)  Finished the parts that I can do so far.  Will hold off on the Dog since it is next to the part that will be painted for the high school after we find out where he will go to high school!  I feel the need to add this to the finished project list, but, alas, I cannot!

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