Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Does Fort Worth ever Cross your Mind?

This is the age old question, right?  Well we are headed off to Cowtown tomorrow (not crazy about that nickname) for a funeral unfortunately!  My dear friend and in law, Betty Coleman, passed away and we will take the children to FW for her service tomorrow.  I could tell a million hilarious stories about times and conversations with Betty and I will forever hear her Texas drawl in my head saying, "Courrrrtenay"...she could take my long name and stretch it until I smiled!

Instead of waxing poetic (or morosely), I decided to chose a project for the car ride up and back (4.5 hours each way) that Betty would have liked!  She was forever sending my children fun Halloween Treats ~ as a matter of fact, when Emma Grace was born on October 15th I got a lovely gift from Betty and her husband, Roy.  Then a couple of days later I received the most adorable halloween gown for Emma Grace that had small pumpkins all over it for my new little pumpkin!

So, all that to say, criteria was small for the car and "on hand"in my stash!  So, I went for two Melissa Shirley Lollypops that I bought years ago!  They will be cute!  I saw some finishing that I liked and will try to have it replicated!


Post Script: 9.25.12 : Striped Lollypop Completed....Dotted Lollypop back to stash!

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