Monday, September 17, 2012


I am happy to have finished the little chick egg and to complete the series of 4 Melissa Shirley Easter Eggs.  They are really cute and will make good additions to my Easter Eggs...I think I will have to officially retire from EGG stitching as I will have the From Russia with Love Series to display and these 4 eggs from Melissa Shirley to accompany the eggs that I already have!  Crazy, but I do love stitching them!!

For no reason at all, I pulled out the Little Drummer Boy that I bought to add to the Kelly Clark Nativity Series (apparently, 12 was not enough).  I have the background completed (except for parts that I left until I finish the center design).  Kelly was nice enough to paint over the cat and make a drum sitting next to the drummer boy....Thank you, Kelly.

So, I will now put him aside for the time being and pull something to take in the car for a quick trip to Fort Worth.  I thought a small piece that would be great to travel with would be the two Melissa Shirley Halloween Lollypops......should be able to use my stash threads (I hope) and finish them in the car!

All this to say....what about the stocking!  Have faith, I will get to it!

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