Monday, June 17, 2013

Everything Old is (Or)Nue Again!

I am excited to complete a portion of my Tudors Project (Amy Bunger Home Study).  It is a technique similar to that of "Or Nue".  One strip of the Tudors project uses this technique.  I have never done it before and found it rather daunting before I started.  But, I ended up really enjoying the process and the end effect!  The basic principle is that you lay a thread and then cover that thread strategically to reveal a pattern when you are finished.  Here is an explanation from Historical Needlework Resources and an example of a famous piece of Or Nue.

Or Nue (or shaded gold) is a form of goldworkembroidery using couching where different colored silk threads are stitched over the metallic base of gold threads to form patterns or designs, often figures or narrative scenes. The finished product is a definite pattern, deliberately stitched so that the metal shows through. The density and placement of the silk over stitching makes the design. The entire design, background and foreground, is stitched, using small upright stitches.
The technique was worked particularly in Belgium, France and the Netherlands in the Middle Ages. Embroiderers in Italy and Flanders developed this technique to an impressive level of sophistication.

Below, by contrast is my tiny area of Or Nue - esque stitching.  I am already thinking of other places that I could use this!  I love it!  

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