Sunday, February 2, 2014

On the Road to Bethlehem

I am so excited to finally start stitching on my Kelly Clark Nativity Creché!  This piece will be the backdrop for my Kelly Clark Nativity figures ~ and the guide for this is also from Amy Bunger.

I started on January 26th with the stitch for the sky.  I made very little progress the first day!  I was beginning to worry that this sky would be the beginning and the end of my work on this project!
End of Day 1 !

When I finally called it a day it was actually the morning of the 27th!  2:04 a.m. to be exact!
2:04 a.m., 27 January 2014

I made better progress on Day 2 and ended, officially on day three, January 28th at 1:56 a.m. ~ sleepy!

I finally made it over to the other side of the canvas on Day three and ended on day four!  January 29th at 1:01 am

I filled in all of the center motifs (the clover like design) by the evening of February 2nd.  
(Photo to come!)

I am off to Tucson tomorrow for the Gem and Mineral Show and so this project will stay home for the week ~ all alone!

For my trip, I am taking two poison bottles with me ~ we will see how far I get on those!

I will soon start on Abbey's stocking and so I will not make much more progress on this Creché for a good while!  I am happy to have started on it, however, and I can tell it will be a favorite project for me!

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