Monday, October 13, 2014

Time Flies....when I am stitching, I guess!

It has been February since I last posted about my adventures in stitching land.....that means our group has taken the Spring trip to Amy's and we are about to depart on our Autumn trip to Amy's.  I have been busy this year on Abbey's Stocking and the Kelly Clark Creche and a few other projects have been completed as well (see list on left side of main page).  My goal was to reduce the sheer volume of my canvasses and to get some of the things that I have in the que actually on the stretcher bars and stitched!!  Well, I have had some success, however, in my usually fashion, I have found many new things to purchase this year.

I can hardly wait to see what Amy has in mind for Bird Party by Vicki Sawyer (distributed by Melissa Shirley).

For the time being, here are some photos of Abbey's stocking some of my completions in progress and completed!

Abbey's Stocking
This Liz (Tapestry Tent) stocking was chosen by Abbey and Corwin because the puppy in Santa's arms reminded them of Wesley the Golden Retriever!  I hope that I made it look enough like Wesley!
I also changed the top of the stocking by removing the cuff design in favor of extending the sky up through the name.  I tweaked the color of one of the packages to make it look like a Tiffany & Co. box since I imagine every girl likes to receive one of those!

And in the beginning....there was only a painted canvas!
 Beginning to Stitch the Toys in the Sleigh
 Teddy Bear takes shape
 Love the Bugle and the Beach Ball
 Soldier marches in
I changed this package because I thought the snowman was too busy!
 Added a Tiffany & Co package with signature bow
Decided that the satin bow had to be "sunk"!
 Sorry kitty, no room for you on the sleigh this time!  (half gone!)
Time to make this puppy look like Wesley Ames!

He is looking furry and happy to get on his way to Texas Ave.

Hello, Wesley Ames!

 Santa's Coat is finished and it is time to get the front of the sleigh worked!

 The back of the sleigh looks very comfy for Santa's long night!

Thank you to Pam Lemire for helping with with the beard and Santa's fur !
The snow is sparkling and shimmering!
I struggled with the painted colors while I was stitching the reindeer, but it works when the stitching is finished
 I chose this background to create movement in the night sky.  
 Background is taking shape

Finished with the sky!

Soon the finisher will bring me my completed stocking and I will add those photos!

I hope that Abbey & Corwin will fill these stockings with love for many years to come!