Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nativity Stocking for Laury!

Any day now I will be getting the stocking that I stitched for my sister in law, Laury, back from the finisher.  The canvas is the Liz Nativity jewel tone and I was really happy with the way that it turned out.  This completes the set of four that I stitched for my brother, Christopher's family.  I did my brother's first; it was the Liz three wise men.  After completing that, I worked on my niece, Logan's stocking.  It is a Princely design that I fell in love with that features an angel surrounded by flowers.  It was HARD for me and I love the way it turned out!  Then I worked on my nephew, C.J.'s Southern Santa from Liz.  I believe it is my favorite stocking design ever.  I really want to do it for my own son, Shaw, because I do not love his as much as I did when he was a baby!  Then, I worked on Laury's Nativity stocking.  I think it is beautiful.  I got the stitch guide from Amy Bunger in Memphis......I love the guide, but probably not as much as I loved the class and the trip to Memphis with Laurie and Lynn and then back with Pam!  It is completely decadent to spend a long weekend in a needlepoint class with some of your most favorite people!  The photo here shows the heralding angel at the top of the design and the heads of the three kings.  Oh, how I struggled to do those wings on the angel.  Really, I struggled to START the wings...once I got going, it was not so with most things!  I had to keep reminding my self of direction by referring to the drawing that Amy made for me on the white board (as seen here).  Why?  I have no idea, it was just hard for me to get it completed!  I felt better when Laurie did the wings on her angel from Kelly Clark's Nativity and had the same hesitation!  Misery loves company, right?

This is the stocking that I stitched for CJ (quite possibly my favorite ever!)

This is the stocking that I stitched for my brother, Christopher (although I stitched over the toe detail making it sand)

Author's note:  Looking for an image of my niece, Logan's stocking to add tot his post!

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