Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Do....but won't if you don't want it!

I am excited to day because Corwin has become engaged to marry Abbey.  I am trying to think of a nice way to offer to needlepoint her bride's book without making her feel like she has to say yes.  I would only want to do it if it is something that she would like.  I loved doing the book for Jordan Folloder (Susie Gold's daughter).  I think it turned out really beautiful and I have some pictures that I can share with Abbey if she wants to see what one looks like.  Logan and I had also talked about me making a stocking for Abbey if that is something that she would like.  It is hard because everyone has their own traditions and I definitely do not want to step on any toes, but I also want her to know that I would love to do it for them.  Then the questions comes, should I do one for both of them so that Logan keeps Corwin's that she made at her house and Corwin and Abbey have their own set?  I am not sure.  I would be happy to do one for both of them since the one he has had since boyhood is less grown up.  But then, I thnk about sweet little Logan.  I just finished hers in the last 5 years and so it is really perfect for an adult.  So, I think for Logan and CJ, I would not make one for bride and groom, just one for the addition!  Then, again, with Asa, his is really young looking, so I might do one for him and for his bride should they want them.

All this is, obviously, contingent on the bride (in this case).  She is a lovely girl and certainly has her own style.  What I would NOT want is to make it for her and have it be something that she HAS to use even though it is not what she wanted.  Or, do it and have it be the "B" book that does not really serve as the wedding book....or the same with the stockings.  I have sent her a note to let her know that I am happy to make it should she want it, but for her to let me know!

This is the book that I stitched for Jordan Gold Folloder

I loved these bullion roses that Nancy taught me!

Bride's post-nuptual initials ~ a must!

These little white "blue" bells look so pretty and dimensional!
Post Script:  Abbey was excited at the idea so we will chose something that she will love....I hope!

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