Saturday, April 14, 2012

Back in Business!

After my brief, yet torturous respite, I find myself rejuvenated with my stocking project during a trip to Memphis and class with Amy Bunger. Laurie, Pam ,Mary, and I made a fast break from H-town to Home of Elvis. After a quick visit to Graceland, punctuated by a navigational driving nightmare (due to my poor MapQuest skills), we settled in at the Westin. After making a big first impression with Amanda at the front desk (Her Passion is Fashion.....clearly NOT customer service), we settled in to our rooms. Laurie arrived on a later flight and we all indulged in Gus' World Famous Fried Chicken as a ode to previous trips! Thursday night, I forced Laurie to watch a couple of episodes of a weird cooking competition on Food Network and then we crashed ....... Please note, no stitching yet! Friday morning found us at Amy's shop with all our accoutrement ready to meet the task.....well sort of! While perfectly inspired, I just could not seem to get going! Last night we hit the town at a new Memphis spot called Flight. It was Pam's suggestion....and a great one!

Class (the reason that we came to Memphis, after all) has been great fun and inspiring as well!
Isn't Laurie dedicated?  WOW!

 And, Pam......she is a serious one as well! Who knew?
Mary is so happy with all of her new threads!

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