Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thrown to the Lions!

Today I knew the heat was on to make a big move on the stocking. This is a special stocking for my Godson, Henry Bridgers.  Third child of my dearest friend (and Emma Grace's GodParents), Jeanne & James, Henry has waited way too long for his own stocking.  I made them for his siblings, Eloise and Teddy, when they were little and then as my children grew up, I did not tackle the project of one for sweet Henry!  I love the canvas that I chose for Henry : Liz with Santa, Lion, Lamb, and a globe.  The Bridgers family has had amazing travel adventures and I thought the globe would reflect that for Henry!

 So, today I worked on the lion's mane. I was resistant to try what Amy suggested as I am not a fan of reverse stitching! But, with Amy's encouragement I jumped right into the lion's den! She had me section off the mane and treat it three different ways to keep it from being TOO MUCH of anything. I have only work on step one and I can already see her vision coming to life.

 Meanwhile, Laury is "cooking with gas" ( new expression I have learned) on her owl. It looks great and she loves all the Bargello work. Mary has many sections started and I live all the different textures that are jumping off the canvas. Pam's pig is so great~ the pig itself is looking good, but the accoutrement are going to be outstanding! The ladies with is in class are working on two projects I love also. They are going at breakneck speed! Great dinner and 'tinis at Automatic Slims ( did I fail to mention the blue Cheese laden potato crisps and the amazing Mac n cheese? Shame on me!). Amy and Jill joined us for dinner and were a delightful addition to our group! Back in the room, I am about to work on one of my From Russia with Love is starting to get beautiful!! Whew, stitching drought is over ! Forward motion finally!

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