Sunday, May 6, 2012

Clearing the Decks!

I have been trying to figure out why I am not diving into the stocking that I am stitching for Henry.  My first excuse was that I was waiting on my frame to arrive via post from Amy's after my visit to her shop!  Then it arrives.  And, still, the stocking sits.  Then I decided to finish up the couple of things that were close to being completed.  They are completed.  And, still, the stocking sits.  Friday, I decided that if I got some of the loose ends in my office wrapped up, I would be in a better mind set to tackle the large project.  So, it all began on Friday.  I started the task of REALLY tackling my office and all that that means.  I spent all day on Friday (from 8:10 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. Saturday) working on the entire area.  I made great progress, but more work was left to be done.  I hit it hard on Saturday (with a few more interruptions, I admit) but I made a great deal more progress.  Ending the evening with a revamp of my Needlepoint storage areas (three drawers).  Now, admittedly, this does not include taking care of the things that are in my TO DO stack, it just means the cleaning and reorganizing of the desk itself and its drawers.  I am most pleased with the results!

I still need to take care of some odds & ends, but over all, it is a big change.  And, still the stocking sits.  I plan to attack the TO DO's today and tomorrow (but add in a little stitching tonight).

While I was cleaning I used the enormous screen to preview Amy's #2 Back to Basics DVD featuring Tony Mineri....somehow, it made me feel like I was achieving int he realm of Needlepoint as well!

I turned in my Melissa Shirley Pig Easter Egg.  I think it looks really cute.  I did something odd on the tail, but I like it.  I pulled a wire up and then doubled it and pushed the end back through.  Then, I did detached buttonhole all the way to the end of the doubled over wire.  I thought it ended up cute.  I had to wrangle the end of the wire around to keep the stitches from dropping off the end and to camouflage the end itself, but I used my fancy new wire tool kit from Needle House and got that done!  Judy Meyer laughed at me because I have been wanting the "fancy wire tool kit" and needed a reason to purchase it!

 My fancy new Pleatherette Wire tool Kit

Hagrid the Owl

 Melissa Shirley Pig Egg Completed! (I will cut the ribbon after finishing!)
This little piggy...has the cutest tail!

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