Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dear Spider, Send Faith!

I feel I need the "Spider" to intervene to give me some faith to begin on the stocking project!  I think I am actually going to start on it tomorrow.  Tonight, I am starting on one of the Raymond Crawford owls.  Really just because it will be easy to start and then stop when I get the stocking set out upstairs.
I am very overwhelmed by the outrageous number of canvasses that I own.  I am getting a good number of them completed this year; however, I never seem to see the number in the stash go down.  I realize that is because I have jumped the gun and ordered the canvasses that I needed to complete the 12 days of Christmas.  I actually have decided to do them all in one year and then give them to Emma Grace when she moves into her first apartment .... one a day like the actual 12 Days of Christmas song!  Corny, I know, but she will then have 12 ornaments with which to decorate her first tree.  This is slightly odd since I do not use Needlepoint Ornaments on my own Christmas tree.  I like the ones that my grandmother and mother made and beaded and then glass ornaments that sparkle when the lights hit them!!!  So, I will inflict all of my latent needlepoint ornament desires onto my children!

Off to start the next owl....how will I finish them??  I want little stand ups, but what will I do with all of them???

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