Thursday, June 21, 2012

Slowly Getting Donna Summer's Message!

Remember the famous words of Disco Diva Legend....ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...?  Well, I am trying to incorporate those words in context with my stash collection.  You hear people laughingly say at Needle House, "She who dies with the biggest stash wins!"  I have subscribed to this thought process since I started my "collection".  Now, I am slightly depressed that I will never have time to finish all the things that I own and I love them!!!  Every time one of my canvasses catches my eye, I think, "That one is definitely next!".
Part of the reason that I started this blog was to track my progress on the needlepoint journey (whilst feeding my writing craving as know the "two Birds" theory).  So far in 2012 I have completed 10 projects.  I am absolutely planning on finishing the Bride's Book for Abbey & Corwin as well as Henry's stocking.  I seem to be fitting in other projects in-between......this current trend must cease!
I plan to keep a rolling list of projects that are "next".
I really am not all that tempted by new projects except for the ones that I have already identified.  I am trying to add a "slideshow" to the blog of all of those items that I am still craving.  I think the list is as follows:
Nancy's (Needle House) Thanksgiving Series by Once in a Blue Moon : Sandra Gilmore including Miles, Priscilla, Turkey, Brave One, & Little Feather
8 of Melissa Shirley's Acorns
Ears of Corn (3D) that Nancy showed me (artist escapes me!)
That is not so bad, is it?

Separate from my plan to start reducing my STASH, or back stock, is my desire to drag my friends into joining me in several projects.  Currently, I am trying to talk Mary Jones into starting Raymond Crawford's owls.  Or at least some of them!  I realize that this is rather cruel of me to try to drag those that I enjoy into the my same predicament.  What can I say, I can only focus on correcting one vice at a time, right?

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