Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday in H-Town

First Saturday in June marks the Needle House annual sale!  I was there for a bit this morning and people were busy getting inspiration and new projects and tools!  Now I am about the embark on the stitching for the day.  Still working on the Camel.  How very optimistic I was to think that I would finish it the week of May 20th!  I certainly did not meet that goal! Currently working not he camel "hide" and then tassels, bridle and lead rope, one more blanket, stars in the sky....not too much, right?

I extended the left edge of the camel ask that I could see his entire face when he is stitching instead of having his nose turn the corner towards the seam.  It does not look perfect, but it looks good enough!  Hopefully, I will finish the camel proper today and then he blanket tomorrow!  Glass half full!

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