Friday, June 8, 2012


I feel like it is January 6th and I am celebrating the Epiphany!  Why, you ask?  It is clearly June 8th (actually since it is 1:39 a.m., it is June 9th).  However, the camel has "arrived"!  He is ready to go off to finishing and then join his fellow nativity members.  I cannot at all remember when I started the Nativity Home Study with Amy Bunger, however, we can all safely assume that I did not complete one canvas a month like I set out to do from the was much longer than that!

While Laurie and my stitching buddies will find this hard to believe, I actually enjoyed the process of this nativity project.  The stitch guides were amazingly detailed (no surprise), the threads were varied and interesting, the details are remarkable, and the learning curve was HIGH for me!  All of that said, my favorite thing about this "journey" has been stitching it "with " Laurie.  It was so incredibly helpful to me to have her as my personal nativity coach.  Thank you Laurie!

Here is a photo of the finished Camel....still on the stretchers:

I will trim the tassels and the red fringe later.  My scissors were not getting as clean of a cut as I wanted, so I still have that to do before finishing.  In this photo, the handler's face looks assured that he looks like a very nice camel handler in person.   I need some suggestions for his name!

I think you can pretty easily tell where I added to the painted canvas near the handler and the nose of the camel.  I just wanted to make sure that his nose was not "around the corner" after he is finished.  The line is pretty noticeable, but I do not think it will be after finishing....or at least I am crossing my fingers!!!

Will post names for both camel and handler when I decide on them!

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