Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stitching Marathon

# 8 before I added the crystals...very fun to stitch!
The time was right, the projects were available, and I had a Saturday/Sunday stitching marathon!  Shaw and RIchard were out of town at a Lacrosse Tournament in Denver, so it was a girls weekend.  Indeed, I did drive Emma Grace around a bit during the daylight hours, but overall, I sat in my new stitching chair and completed two projects.  First, the Princess & Me Cake Topper that I stitched for Corwin & Abbey.  Then, this morning, I started the #8 Egg in the From Russia with Love Series at Needle House.  It is my favorite one yet and it is finished!  Will turn it in tomorrow.
Completed #8 Egg...Love it!

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